Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inspirational Video Clip Site - Leadership in Cinema

Students of fire who utilize the Leadership in Cinema program may enjoy a few online motivational video clips by Simple Truths. The clips can be found at

Clips that relate well to the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program (WFLDP) include:
  • A Tender Warrior (complements We Were Soldiers)
  • Great Quotes from Great Leaders
  • The Essense of Leadership
  • The Power of Teamwork
  • Walk the Talk (Values and Principles)
  • What it Takes to be Number One (Values and Principles)

Let us know! Do you know of other online video sites that might be helpful to the WFLDP?

Blogging Comes to the Wildland Fire Leadership Program

Members of the NWCG Leadership Committee created this blog in an attempt to provide wildland fire leaders with the ability to discuss leadership topics.

Comments will be moderated to uphold the values and principles set forth in in the leadership program.

Welcome and happy blogging.