Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Gettysburg Staff Ride - Stand 2
(Discussion facilitated by Bill Molumby)

General Buford

If you remember, Buford skirted the southern army for a number of days, collecting intelligence as well as thinking about the Southern Army’s intentions. Once it became clear in his mind what was to transpire and the potential consequences if not checked, he engaged in what might be termed a unique and history changing plan of action. The points for me to remember are:

• Situational awareness – he collected information and understood its meaning.
• Vision – with that information he determined how events would unfold.
• Bias for Action – he engaged in high risk/key action engagement.
• Communication – he successfully communicated his vision to his superior.

"They will attack you in the morning and they will come booming–skirmishers three deep. You will have to fight like the devil until supports arrive."
General John Buford at Gettysburg – June 30, 1863

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