Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guidance Group's "Article Library" Available to Wildland Firefighters

We (the Guidance Group) wanted to make wildland fire leaders aware of the Article Library at the Guidance Group website ( This is a free and open reference resource, for our clients and friends. The Library contains nearly 40 articles ranging across topics from servant leadership to leading for high reliability; from just culture to leading in a time of crisis. The Article Library includes expanded articles originally appearing in the "Thoughts on Leadership" column in Wildfire magazine as well as articles that we've presented at conferences or published elsewhere, that we think would be of interest to a wider audience. Longer articles include work on the method for evaluating L-380 and an article on leader's intent co-authored by Dr. Jennifer Ziegler and Mike DeGrosky that appeared in a special issue of the journal Leadership.

We post additional articles continuously, including additional entries from Mike DeGrosky's column in Wildfire, and encourage people to check back often. We welcome your responsible use of our publications, and only ask that people respect our intellectual property by citing the authors properly and giving credit where credit is due. Access to the Article Library is obligation free, the Guidance Group does not collect information about visitors to our website, and we will not SPAM you.

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