Friday, October 8, 2010

Leadership is

I just read the article by Dr. Robert McTeer on leadership. You can find it in the Leadership Toolbox, under Integrity in the About Leadership link.

It seems to me that many of the topics discussed regarding leadership aren’t physical things, they are soft skills, ways to interpret or understand, thought processes. Dr. McTeer’s article helps identify what makes a person a leader. The article is written to be humorous, like the saying goes "nothing is funnier than the truth."

From Winston Churchill to Arnold Schwarzenegger the examples are effective at making points and providing examples that are easily identified. Leadership is one of those art and science things. The science is easy, there are many experts, professionals and organizations producing information about being a leader. The challenge is the art. How do we use all of this information and how do we apply it. I think this article gives some good advice on being a leader. Much interpretation and inference is left open pertaining to the “soft skills” of leadership but real world examples are provided to study.

If you get nothing else from the article, at least you will have the rock star status of Alan Greenspan to contemplate.

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