Monday, November 22, 2010

On June 17, 2010, I posted an entry titled “Stories from the Fireline.” As I sifted through the Knowledge at Wharton's Leadership and Change archive, I found an article with Peter Guber a fitting follow-up to my previous blog entry. An audio download accompanies the article titled "Peter Guber on Sharing Stories, not Just Information, to Communicate Effectively."

Here are a few highlights that I would like to share with you from Peter’s interview:
  • Storytelling is the way our society works.
  • Every great leader is a storyteller.
  • Storytelling is a tool.
  • Narrative ignites—or it’s a kindling instrument.
  • The idea is to move people’s hearts and emotions before you move their feet or tongue.
  • You can’t depend upon changing everybody’s heart and mind and wallet at the same moment with a single story. You hope that it has this viral quality that when you relinquish control lets it be told and retold, and other people reach other people in different experiential ways.
Guber’s MAGIC of Storytelling
  • Motivate: Make sure you are motivated because they will see if you’re not authentic.
  • Audience: Think of it not as me, but we. Think of it as that connection.
  • Goal: All storytelling narrative is goal oriented.
  • Interactive: All storytelling is interactive.
  • Content: Have good content. It’s got to move your heart and then make you think.

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