Monday, March 7, 2011

A Renewed Professional Reading Program

Are you a fan of the WFLDP's Professional Reading Program (PRP)? Over the last few months, a crew of dedicated individuals worked to bring about a new and improved website as well as revision to the Wildland Fire Book on Books.

PRP Library

Users of the program will want to browse through the newly established PRP Library. The format of the library emulates the staff ride and tactical decision game libraries. Arranged in an easy-to-use format, users can download resources, view the "Director's Choice" list of suggested books, suggest a book to the program, and browse the library of 100 books.

A very special thanks to Jennifer Smith, Leadership Subcommittee Advisor, for her work and dedication to revitalize the website.

Wildland Fire Book on Books

Incorporated into the web design update is the release of the 2011 revision of the Wildland Fire Book on Books. Jim McMahill, the National Park Service's Leadership Subcommittee Representative, and Phil Cocker, LA County FD, worked to add and remove books from the list.

Careful consideration is given when revising the list to ensure that the list doesn't exceed 100 titles. An archive feature will be added to the website in the near future capturing books that have been removed from the list.

This publication is no longer printed by the Leadership Subcommittee. Members of the task group determined that an electronic version with a downloadable option would suffice. The downloadable, print-ready Wildland Fire Book on Books can be found under the "Downloads & Resources" tab.

Leadership Challenge

Wildland firefighters are encouraged to submit books for consideration in the program as well as for discussion as blog topics.

I welcome any wildland firefighter who is passionate about reading and would be willing to facilitate a virtual book club. Now is the time to innovate and build our leadership skills.

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