Monday, November 14, 2011

Help Wanted

This blog was created as an avenue for wildland fire leaders to share their experiences in writing. Unfortunately, few have contributed. The following Seth Godin interview conducted by Dan Cathy may provide some insight and encourage wildland fire leaders to use their written voice.

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Doug Downs said...

I would agree that we need more people to post on this site. I have some in the past but have not posted for a long time, (fire season was busy). I always enjoy reading other peoples thoughts and opinions and it is a big help in my personal leadership development. Many of us are facing challenges now within our organizations due to budget, policy, orginizational, etc. changes. How are other leaders dealing with these challanges? I try to keep those I am supposed to lead as informed as possible. Although there are many unknowns I don't want people to feel like they are in the dark. I know in the past I have maybe been overly pessimistic but now I try to be more up-beat and positive with those I work with, although it is challenging to do so at times I know it makes a big difference. Somebody else please post on this site and lets get a conversation started. Let us know what your challenges are and how you are dealing with them.