Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Leading from the Experts

Are you aware of the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center's "Learning from the Experts" video series? If you aren't be sure to check it out. I'll be showcasing a few videos on the blog in the coming months.

In "Bill Kaage: Using your Beliefs, Values, and Emotions," Bill Kaage, Branch Chief of NPS Wildland Fire, "discusses how you can deepen your conversational and emotional intelligence when sharing your perspective with others--including coworkers."

Do we really have to "sell" my ideas?
  • Are your beliefs, values, and attitudes expressed and heard?
  • Are you willing to go out on a limb to express yourself?
Don't be afraid to emote.
  • Do you show your emotions, share, and listen?
Use your emotional intelligence (the ability to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions) to make your point.
  • Do you show your emotions in an appropriate manner?
(Bill Kaage is a member of the L-580 Steering Committee.)

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