Monday, June 25, 2012

Leadership Survey Participants Needed

Alexis Lewis is a doctoral student. The following survey is not funded by the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee; however, the LSC is aware of and endorses her research.

A few years ago, the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee (LSC) entertained a presentation by Alexis Lewis, doctoral candidate studying leadership qualities. Alexis is in need of data and has a short window for collection--prior to July 6. Past or current firefighters are asked to volunteer to complete a short survey.

The results of Alexis's study will be provided to the LSC in support of leadership development nationally.

Survey synopsis with the link:

We created this two-part leadership survey to see if there is a way to measure leadership in wildland fire based on some of the qualities that were described to us in previous studies by firefighters as being important. So we're hoping to get this out and see if we are on the right track with our measurements, or if we will need to get rid of certain items on the survey (as it is a little long right now, and redundant). The first part asks fire personnel to rate their "ideal" leader and the second asks them to then rate a memorable supervisor on the same qualities as the ideal. The remaining questions concern work enjoyment under the leader they have thought of, and a few demographics. We invite any past or current firefighter to fill out the survey, as the most important aspect is having people who understand fire and have an opinion of what good leadership looks like in fire.

Answers taken through the following link will be completely anonymous. Here's the link:

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