Monday, July 2, 2012

"Leaders are Readers" - A New Addition to the Professional Reading Program

Once again our fire leaders at North Zone Fire (Black Hills National Forest), provide an innovative idea to supplement the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program. This time, Brandon Selk, Fire Prevention Captain, Northern Hills Ranger District, shares a Professional Reading Program (PRP) feature he calls
"Leaders are Readers."

Here is what Brandon had to say about the program:
“Leaders are Readers” is a way for students of leadership to preview a book, article, or right-up. “The Leaders are Readers” template provides a brief summary of what a reader thought of the reading material. Beyond a summary for potential readers, the document becomes a reflection tool for readers to remember what they read, put it to paper, and access at a later date. Too often a read is quickly forgotten. What we do at North Zone Fire is fill out and print off the template and keep it with the reading material.
This best practices idea is showcased in the Fireline Leadership Reading Room within MyFireCommunity. Be sure to download the template and share your reviews with other students of fire. Be sure to upload your reviews in the Fireline Leadership Reading Room so "Leaders are Readers" students across the nation can be a part of the discussion, too!

Great job for sharing this tool with the wildland fire service, Brandon!

If you have an idea to share about this program or any other within the WFLDP, contact Pam McDonald at (208) 387-5318 or

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