Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Are You Too Talented or Gifted to Lead?

"Vision is the prism through which you must judge everything you do." ~ Robert Kaplan
In his video "What Does a Leader Do," Robert Kaplan, Professor at Harvard Business School, shares his thoughts about the pitfalls of being  a talented and gifted leader.

Video Highlights:
  • Leadership is about what you do as a leader.
  • The things that leaders do are complicated; they are more difficult the more talented and gifted you are.
  • The pitfalls of being gifted include:
    • Unwillingness to learn
    • Isolation
  • To avoid the pitfalls of the gifted:
    • Practice openness
    • Seek advice
    • Be curious
    • Admit your mistakes
  • Skillful leaders ask strategic key questions:
    • What is the vision?
      • How do you add value to others?
      • Based on what clear, distinctive competence?
      • Clearly articulate your vision.
        • Write it down
        • Over-communicate it
    • What are my priorities?
      • Develop as a function of your vision.
      • Identify a maximum of 3-5.
    • How do I allocate my time?
      • 70% of your time to your priorities
  • Leadership must be learned.
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