Monday, April 8, 2013

Not Numbers...People

These are not numbers…they are people.
  • Anne was struck and killed by a tree.
  • Anthony was killed when his engine flipped over.
  • Paul, Joseph, Ryan, and Robert died in the airtanker they were operating.
  • Chris’s heart stopped while on assignment as a faller.
We all lead and follow in life threatening situations, are you conscious of the potential consequences? Is the risk involved real to you? Lead with moral courage and character. Follow with moral courage and character.
We don’t have a pie chart for all the lives saved by sound and timely decisions, bias for action, and leading up – but we all have stories about those instances. We all have access to multiple models to emulate. We can all practice decision making. We can all prepare for our leadership moment.
Do not distance yourself from the immediate or downstream effects of your decisions…know what you are asking and know what you are accepting.
Know yourself and seek improvement -
a personal responsibility; a communal benefit.
Thanks to Travis Dotson, WF Lessons Learned Center and Leadership Committee member, for this submission.

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