Thursday, June 13, 2013

Leader of Self

(Photo credit: Leadership Matters Now)
Leadership is risky.
“In the sea there are countless gains. But if thou desirest safety, it will be on the shore.” The Guilistan of Saadi, 1285.
Settle the debate within yourself and decide what you will do when the spotlight stops on you. Will you seek the safety of shore or will you choose the opportunities that could be yours? Developing leadership of self is a good start.

Lifehack has some good ideas to help you direct your self-leadership development. Their 12 Rules for Self-Leadership will provide valuable insight and good questions to think about to build your path. These examples may entice you to read through the whole list.
  • Rule #1: Set goals for your life
  • Rule #5: Learn to love ideas and experiment
  • Rule #7: There are some things you don’t take liberty with no matter how innovative you are when you lead. For instance, to have integrity means to tell the truth.
Develop your self leadership and lead with courage.
Thanks to John Wood, ADFMO, U.S. Forest Service and NWCG Leadership Committee member, for this blog submission.

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