Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Doing the "Right" Thing

Moral compass
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Choosing between right and wrong should be easy. Do the right thing. However, have you ever had to choose between two "rights"? This can be really confusing, leave you feeling conflicted and can result in a poor decision or simply indecision. 

I've found the most common right versus right decision involves loyalty versus ethics. But, if you are really honest with yourself and with your evaluation of the situation, you'll usually find that there are not really two "right" decisions. It may be hard to make the call but you know what right should look like. Let your moral compass guide you and do the right thing. – Mark Stanford


About the Author:
Mark Stanford is the Fire Chief for Texas A&M Forest Service and an agency representative on the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee. The expressions are those of the author.

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