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Reframing HRO: A Focus on Behavior

BLM HRO Training
(Photo credit: BLM/John Owens)
In March 2013, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Fire and Aviation Directorate’s Division of Fire Operations hosted a three-day training session on high reliability organizing (HRO). National, state, and unit level fire managers from throughout the BLM met in Boise, Idaho to build upon the success of the 2010 effort: High Reliability Organizing – What It is, Why It Works, How to Lead It.

Why HRO Training?

BLM Fire and Aviation has committed to becoming a highly reliable organization and incorporated the goal into the BLM Fire and Aviation Strategy Plan.

Goal 5 – A High Reliability Fire and Aviation Organization

  1. Have a fire culture and processes that reduce system errors.
  2. When failures occur responses are effective and resilient.
  3. Have fire and aviation leaders that understand and promote HRO principles.
  4. Have a reward system in place that supports HRO principles.
  5. Have all employees understand that safety is the priority BLM fire management objective.

Mike DeGrosky
(Mike DeGrosky; photo credit: BLM/John Owens)

The Training Session

The training was conducted in workshop format with special presentations by, and assistance of, high reliability organizing and risk management experts supplemented with small group discussion and activities. The training focused on building highly reliable BLM wildland fire organizations at the national, state, and district levels by preparing the participants to extend behaviors and practices associated with high reliability throughout their organizations.

Dr. Jody Jahn
(Dr. Jody Jahn; photo credit: BLM/John Owens)
Topics included:
  • Five Behavioral Lessons Learned (Mike DeGrosky)
  • A Focus on Behavior (Dr. Jody Jahn)
  • How HRO Enhances the Risk Management Process (Michelle Ryerson)
  • Leadership and HRO – Becoming the Culture We Want (Mike DeGrosky)
  • Enhancing High Reliability Through Key Operational Questions (Mike DeGrosky)
  • Enhancing High Reliability During Briefings and After Action Reviews (Mike DeGrosky)
  • P.L.O.W.S. – An Alternate Approach to the Standard AAR (Craig Cunningham)
Craig Cunningham and Tim Murphy
(Craig Cunningham receiving the 2012 National Safety Award)
To learn more about the training session and topics covered, refer to Reframing HRO: A Focus on Behavior.

A special thanks to John Glenn, Division Chief BLM Fire Operations, for this submission.

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