Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wyoming’s Paul Hohn Wins BLM National Wildland Fire Safety Award

Paul Hohn, Assistant State Fire Management Officer for BLM Wyoming, received the National Wildland Safety Award for 2014. This award is presented each year for outstanding leadership and service in wildland fire safety. The award was personally presented to Paul by BLM Deputy Director of Operations Steve Ellis, and awarded by Acting Assistant Director for Fire and Aviation Ron Dunton.

Paul Hohn accepts the BLM National Wildland Fire Safety Award from BLM Deputy Director of Operations Steve Ellis.
"I am truly humbled to have even been considered, let alone to be selected as the recipient," said Paul. Paul's work to develop an Emergency Medical Services program for the state has resulted in BLM Wyoming becoming a Fire Protection Service with fully qualified EMTs. "The focus of the BLM Wyoming EMS program is to provide quality, standardized emergency medical care. Despite several challenges, Paul has demonstrated his passion for firefighter safety and resilience to administrative setbacks," said Kyle Cowan, BLM Wyoming State Fire Management Officer.

Paul works on the Montgomery Pasture prescribed fire.
Working with a local medical director, Hohn was able to develop a program to train BLM employees as EMT basics through the Laramie County Community College. The training was distance-based, so employees could still conduct their daily duties and take the EMT course. Eight BLM Wyoming fire employees from across the state have completed the course.

Paul, and former coworker Ty VanKueren, on a remote fire west of Montrose, CO.
Dunton, a strong proponent of safety throughout every aspect of the BLM's national fire and aviation program, praised Paul's work and accomplishments. "I can't stress enough how important it is to foster and maintain a culture of safety in this business," Dunton said. "On behalf of the management and employees of the BLM national program, we are proud of Paul's work and proud to have him as a leader in the BLM."

Story by Carmen Thomason, Fire Mitigation and Education Specialist.

Reprinted from BLM Daily, February 12, 2015. Paul Hohn is also the BLM Representative on the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee.

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