Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Play On!

"We learn when we enjoy ourselves." - Kelly L. Howarth
Many years ago, I was standing on Sandia Peak overlooking Albuquerque, New Mexico. A young gentleman walked up beside me. He didn't know anything about me, but I immediately knew something about him from his distinctive appearance. He was dressed in Nomex and carrying a yellow day pack. He was a wildland firefighter.

I took the opportunity to introduce myself and mentioned I worked with the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee which administers the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program. His immediate response was, "I  have been trying really hard to get into L-380!" He had heard it was a great learning experience but was unable to get into the class due to demand and lack of seniority.

If you have taken an L-course, you understand the allure these courses create. They are not your typically run-of-the-mill classroom courses. Students are active participants in real-life scenarios. The "hotseat," as it is fondly called, forces a student to respond to inputs and make decisions. This experiential learning technique creates a safe environment in which to learn. In fact, this sort of play, leaves learner and educators wanting more.

Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge - Digging a Little Deeper

  • Watch "Adult Learning is Child's Play" featuring Kelly L. Howarth.
  • If your team hasn't participated in experiential learning for leadership development, start today. Visit the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program Toolbox for an suite of tools to share with your team.

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