Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tools - More Than Equipment

Duty - Develop your subordinates for the future.

One of the most important duties a leader performs is developing his/her subordinates for the future. 

Fire leaders are committed to building a high level of competence in team members. Their satisfaction depends on it as does the future of the organization. Some of today’s team members are the leaders of tomorrow; it is the leader’s responsibility to mentor and help them cultivate the right tools and skills that they will need to face the challenges of the future. [Leading in the Wildland Fire Service, p. 40]

Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge - Digging a Little Deeper
When we give our people authority and responsibility, we must also give them the tools they need. Giving responsibility without resources is ridiculous. It is incredibly limiting. If we want our people to be creative and resourceful, we need to provide resources.

Tools, however, include much more than just equipment. Be willing to spend money, on things like books, tapes, professional conferences, etc. Fresh ideas from outside an organization can stimulate growth. Be creative in providing tools. It will keep your people growing and equip them to do the job well.

[Excerpt from John Maxwell's book Developing the Leaders Around You.]

  • Read John C. Maxwell's book Developing the Leaders Around You. 
  • Think of five or six people closest to you in your organization. Answer the following questions: 
    • Are you developing them? 
    • Do you have a game plan for them? 
    • Are they growing? 
    • Have they been able to lift your load?
Developing the Leaders Around You by John Maxwell

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