Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 7: How do all pieces fit together for optimal performance?

Day 7: How do all pieces fit together for optimal performance?

Day 7: How do all pieces fit together for optimal performance? 
Week of Remembrance June 30-July 6 

The past 6 days have been spent exploring core aspects of optimal human performance. As fire professionals we are often asked to perform optimally in a changing, dynamic environment. Like a buffet is full of different food options to fill your plate – you may like some things and dislike others, but creating a balanced plate with foods from all major food groups will lead to the best option for fueling the body. The same is true for human performance. By building and preparing yourself physically and psychologically each day to face the demands of the environment, or that “mountain to climb” you will be more able to operate soundly, effectively, and safely.

From research we have learned that taking the time to identify and write down intended goals and actions can lead to a 40% more chance of doing what was written (Matthews, 2015); thinking about the past six days what are three things you can do physically and psychologically to better prepare yourself for the demands you face on the job?

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The topics for the NWCG “Wildland Firefighter Week of Remembrance” have been drawn from the Human Performance Optimization course taught as a part of the USFS Apprentice Academy in cooperation with the Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) and is rooted in the desire to prepare wildland fire personnel to optimally manage themselves and others at any given time. Review and resources have been contributed by the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, NIFC External Affairs, the Wildland Fire annual refresher group, and the Wildland Fire Leadership Subcommittee.
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