Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Is Your Team Safe?

Psychological Danger vs. Psychological Safety
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Is Your Team Safe? 
By asking if your team is safe, I'm not talking about do you have your safety zones and escape routes lined out or if you are wearing proper PPE. I'm questioning your team culture. Providing a psychologically safe workplace where team members admit mistakes, learn from failures, openly share ideas, innovate and make better decisions is critical to the overall safety of your team. When members of the team fear speaking up or admitting mistakes, the entire team suffers. In the worst-case scenario, accidents and incidents occur.

Do you recognize any of these concerns? If so, your team may be in great danger.

Threats to Team Safety: Ignorance - We don't ask questions. Incompetence: We don't admit mistakes or weaknesses. Intrusive: We don't offer ideas. Negative: We don't criticize the status quo.

We challenge you to watch Amy Edmundson's video on building psychologically safe workplaces.

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