Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Feature Added to the LLC Product List

We are honored to help the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC) launch a new product. LLC staff have been working diligently to expand into the podcast arena. Exhibit your care for those around you – lead with compassion by triggering learning.

Chainsaws and Fire Season 2016: A Chat with Travis Dotson

In this first podcast Alex Viktora and Travis Dotson LLC, discuss the topic of chainsaws on the fireline and the exposure involved. Specific data from this season is compared to seasons past to help add perspective. Much of the focus in this episode is spent on the rather recent phenomenon of “fuel geysers” and what chainsaw operators can do differently right now related to this danger.

Emerging Lessons - 2016
Alex Viktora and Travis Dotson discuss emerging numbers and lessons from the year so far. Topics discussed include early season physical training medical emergencies, equipment burning up (including lessons about parking in the black), and tire failures. Tune in to get dialed!

Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge - Digging a Little Deeper
  • Listen to the podcasts.
  • Help further the LLC mission to promote learning and reveal complexity in the wildland fire service by using this podcast as a springboard for dialogue. 
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