Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Beyond the Rose-Colored Glasses

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As part of the 2017 Wildland Fire Leadership campaign, we will focusing on authenticity. In this blog we share information about the impact a leader can have by sharing positive emotions. We challenge you to go beyond the aspect of "rose-colored" glasses and look at the science behind a mindset of positivity.
Whether or not you embrace the mindset of positivity, we challenge you to watch Barbara Fredrickson's videoes below and see how inducing positive emotions can enhance situation awareness and productivity.

Video Highlights
  • Positive emotions open us and change our outlooks on our environments.
  • People are more likely to step back and see the big picture and see the similarities along those lines.
  • Positive emotions widen the scope of what people are scanning for in the environment.
  • Positive emotions open our awareness they increase the expanse of our peripheral vision we see more. 
  • People
    • Are more creative, more likely to be resilient, and more trusting
    • Perform better academically
    • Make better decisions
In "The Positivity Ratio," Barbara Fredrickson shares the positivity ratio and shares a guide to creating a mindset of positivity.

To create a mindset of positivity, Barbara Fredrickson suggests leaders:
  • Be open
  • Be appreciative
  • Be curious
  • Be kind
  • Be real
Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge - Digging a Little Deeper
  • How can inducing positive emotions enhance situation awareness?
  • Read our "Feed Your Eagle" post from 2014. 
  • Join the 2017 Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge today.
    • Download a copy of campaign reference guide.
    • Facilitate sessions within your group/team/unit.
    • Conduct a self-awareness check. 

2017 Wildland Fire Leadership Campaign logo (3-peaked mountain in yellows and browns with duty, respect, and integrity at the peaks)

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