Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Risko Earns Lead By Example Award for Initiative and Innovation

Left to Right: Jeff Atwater, Florida Chief Financial Officer/State Fire Marshal; John Fish, FFS, Chief of Forest Protection George Risko, FFS Fire Training Officer; Jim Karels, Florida State Forester/Director of the FFS; Julius Halas, Director, Division of State Fire Marshal; Mike Joyner, Assistant Commissioner and Chief of Staff, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

George Risko
Fire Training Officer
Florida Forest Service
Honored for Initiative and Innovation

George Risko has been selected as one of the recipients for the 2016 Paul Gleason Lead by Example award. Three individuals and two groups from across the wildland fire service have been chosen to receive this national award.

The award was created by the NWCG Leadership Committee to remember Paul Gleason’s contributions to the wildland fire service. During a career spanning five decades, Paul was a dedicated student of fire, a teacher of fire, and a leader of firefighters. The intent of this award is to recognize individuals or groups who exhibit this same spirit and who exemplify the wildland fire leadership values and principles. George's work in support of the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program has been a demonstration of initiative and innovation.

George was recognized for his ability to serve as a respected role model and teacher of wildland firefighters. As an avid supporter of reading and learning, he has inspired others to go beyond the conventional classroom to develop their leadership skills and change culture. George's humble, yet powerful, leadership example has produced huge benefits within Florida Forest Service and beyond.

Additionally, George was commended on his passion for leadership and compassion for those you lead. George's military background provides insight into the very roots of the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program. The relationships he continues to foster with military partners provide an innovative development opportunity for those he leads and serves.

Congratulations, George, on a job well done!
The reactions of the supervisors tell the story--George had no idea the award was for him. 
Paul Gleason Lead by Example award solicitation
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