Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cottrell and Myers Earn Lead by Example Award for Mentoring and Teamwork

Dan Cottrell, Smokejumper Foreman
Debbie Myers, Program Support Assistant
Aerial Fire Depot, Region 1, US Forest Service
Honored for Mentoring and Teamwork

Edmund Ward (who brought Deb and Dan into the Smokejumper program), Bill Miller, Tory Kendrick (Acting Missoula Smokejumper Base Manager receiving the award on behalf of Dan Cottrell, who is on fire assignment in the Southeast), Deb Myers (Currently working with the Anaconda Job Corps program) and Paul Chamberlin (previous Gleason Award recipient from the Northern Rockies)
Dan Cottrell and Debbie Myers have been selected as one of the recipients for the 2016 Paul Gleason Lead by Example award. Three individuals and two groups from across the wildland fire service have been chosen to receive this national award.

Molly and Dan Cottrell
The award was created by the NWCG Leadership Committee to remember Paul Gleason’s contributions to the wildland fire service. During a career spanning five decades, Paul was a dedicated student of fire, a teacher of fire, and a leader of firefighters. The intent of this award is to recognize individuals or groups who exhibit this same spirit and who exemplify the wildland fire leadership values and principles. Dan and Debbie's work in support of the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program has been a demonstration of mentoring and teamwork.

Dan and Debbie were recognized for theirinvolvement with the Lead Forward Program. Creation of a program to recruit, train, and place well-qualified veteran candidates into the workforce in Region 1 was progressive and has brought about positive organizational change beyond the local level.

The success of the Lead Forward Program is a testament to their courage, strong leadership, and commitment to building the team. Dan and Debbie's vision to integrate veterans into the wildland fire service was an excellent example of mentoring and teamwork and provides an inspiration for years to come. Through their generosity and example, veterans have a sense of purpose and continued service.

Congratulations, Dan and Debbie, on a job well done!

Paul Gleason Lead by Example award solicitation
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