Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week of Remembrance - Day 3: Getting Real About Expected Fire Behavior

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Fire Order #3

Base all actions on current and expected behavior of the fire.

  • Has a fire ever done something you didn’t expect it to do? It happens often.

On the Nuttall Fire in 2004 an entire Division was surprised by a downhill crown run which put fire below them.

Discuss the following questions:
Not one person on this piece of line--or even the fire--EXPECTED a downhill crown run.

Does this mean we should base all actions on current and UNexpected fire behavior?

How can you plan for Unexpected fire behavior?

 Want context from a real-life event? Watch and discuss Episode 2 of the Nuttall Fire Story video series.

Thanks to the Wildland LLC for this great resource.
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