Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Some thoughts on what you eat…

Some folks proclaim, “you’re going to die anyway...” when they realize the amount of discipline I hold over what I eat. To that, I say, “it is not about dying, it is about how you live.” We have choices about what we eat, how much we eat, and how many different things we eat. Because we have choices, I want mine to be the best. So I research, study and reconcile what I learn with anecdotal information. I have come to a rather simple summary of what I should eat–QQV: Quality, Quantity and Variety.

Quality – this means choosing non-processed and grass-fed meat over processed, non-GMO and organic fruits and vegetables over GMO and pesticide sprayed fruits and vegetables, fresh over boxed, prepacked and/or pasteurized, complex/whole over simple carbs, etc.

Quantity – is about how often and how much. Not eating until your full at every sitting, eating only when you are hungry and not when time dictates, try snacking and/or grazing rather than full meals, engage in intermittent fasting rather than eating because you are supposed to, etc.

Variety – speaks to all the incredible choices we really have. Take advantage of all the different fruits, nuts, grains, seeds and vegetables which include root vegetables, leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables… In fact, eat mostly plants (fifty percent or more) and split the other part of your meal between proteins and fats. Healthy meals are colorful.

Folks, then, are really surprised when I eat some little treat – without realizing I have made accommodation for it by maintaining discipline with every other food I eat. Just as important, I try to make those little treats as healthful as possible too. This can be accomplished by choosing “homemade” with whole foods over processed, prepackaged and boxed items, choosing items with limited ingredients that you know, and eating treats that contain nutritional value.

So, when it comes to eating, discipline equals freedom. Not just in freedom to eat what you want but in freedom to live how you want...

Carlos Climent is the Training Coordinator for the Florida Fire Service and contributor to this blog. Carlos has extensive training in fitness and nutrition. If you are ever at the Withlacoochee Training Center, look him up. All expressions are those of the author.

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