Monday, April 5, 2010

Putting People First

A few years ago I spoke with training specialists at the US Navy’s Center for Naval Leadership regarding a particular Leadership in Cinema lesson plan that had been challenged by a well-known leadership development company. The Center of Naval Leadership had faced similar problems with the company and was in the process of adopting a new leadership model.

A few months ago while researching information for the WFLDP self-development tool, I came across an article that has captivated me titled “The Dynamics of High Performing Organizations” by Gary Lear of Resource Development Systems, LLC. This is the model that the US Navy’s Center for Naval Leadership selected for use in developing their leaders.

Lear’s a model called The Seven Elements of High Performance Organizations™. He contends that “It’s not processes, but people that drive performance.”

The Seven Elements include:

  • The Core Element – People
  • The 4 Cardinal Elements – Vision, Leadership, Strengths and Innovation
  • The 2 Foundational Elements – Trust and Personal Responsibility

Read for yourself what Lear says about his model at

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