Monday, July 12, 2010

Leading in Recovering (and Even Rebounding) Economy

Wharton Leadership Conference 2010
University of Pennsylvania

On June 15, a few senior wildland fire leaders were fortunate to attend the 14th annual Wharton Leadership Conference as part of the leadership curriculum, L-580, Leaders of Organizations. Participants of this conference were tasked with thinking about the philosophy of leadership and how we must continue to develop our Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program within the organization.

Not knowing what to expect but having received my leader’s intent, I sat patiently and listened to some of the most amazing people speak about organizational leadership, emotional intelligence, global change, managing talent, and the art of possibility. These speakers included the CEO of UPS, the co-chairman of the Silicon Valley Deliotte, the president and CEO of the Women’s World Bank, the CEO of BNY Mellon Financial Corporation, a columnist for The Washington Post, the vice president of General Electric and the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. If anyone is interested in learning more about these fascinating leaders, one can reference the leadership conference on Wharton’s website.

I walked away with my brain filled with thoughts of organizational leadership, change management, global initiatives, research and development and wondering about how we could embed these ideas into our leadership curriculum, training and staff rides. I know we are working diligently to keep up with understanding how we will continue to evolve our leadership within the many challenges of the organization. However, several emerging trends will continue to be explored by many organizations, and the Forest Service FAM and other wildland fire agencies should continue to participant in such leadership workshops as we can learn from other organizations and thus continue to evolve and advance with our leadership curriculum.

Shawna Legarza
Fire Management Officer
US Forest Service, San Juan NF – Columbine District

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