Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness was defined by Ralph Jean-Paul as “Having a physiological edge that enables you to be consistent, confident, focused and determined during high pressure situations in order to perform at maximum potential.”

Mental toughness is referred a great deal to athletes. This entry shows how this psychological preparedness can be applied to all of our lives. We all encounter difficult situations in our jobs and personal lives that require more than knowledge, skills, abilities and past successes. It helps to draw on an attitude, a toughness that allows us to push through hard situations and face hurdles with confidence.

Leaders who understand and are able to apply mental toughness will find more success. Instead of doing what comes natural, these ‘tough’ leaders will do what is needed. They will take the risk of doing something new that is required of the situation. They will also look for new facts and insights which challenge the accepted view, rather than avoid or ignore the differing opinions. Mental toughness focuses on the individual leader, self confidence and self discipline.

Read Ralph Jean-Paul's article and you decide. Where’s your mental toughness?

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Pam McDonald said...

Great post, Jenn. I read the article and found it a great read. I particularly like that Jean-Paul mentions that mental toughness can be learned.

This article speaks well to the wildland firefighter in so many ways and is a great first post. I look forward to many more.