Tuesday, January 18, 2011

North Zone Fire Completes "Band of Brothers" Series

A few months back, Randy Skelton, Division Chief - North Zone Fire Management, Black Hills National Forest, blogged about his crew's contributions to the Leadership in Cinema program. True to their word, the crew completed lesson plans for all 10 episodes of the HBO movie series "Band of Brothers.

Kudos, North Zone Fire, for leading by example. Your dedication to the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program is truly appreciated.

As always, members of the wildland fire service are encouraged to submit their ideas to the Leadership in Cinema program. We are always looking at ways to expand the program. If you have developed a different way of instituting the program at the local level, we'd love to hear about it. Contact Pam McDonald at Pam_McDonald@nifc.blm.gov.
This blog entry is in honor of Richard "Dick" Winters, famed leader in "Band of Brothers," who died a couple weeks ago at the age of 92. His legacy and lessons learned will live on through the Leadership in Cinema program.

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