Monday, April 4, 2011

Show Them You Care

Here is an amazing example of leadership in action from an interview that Dr. Useem, a valued Wharton School partner, conducted with Charles Elachi, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Director in "Capturing the Spirit of Opportunity: Leadership Lessons from the Mars Missions."
"Another important factor is that employees must really feel that they can rely on your leadership. I do care about the employees, and they see it. I go out of my way to meet with them. I made a resolution that every year, every employee would have a chance to meet with me, even though we have 5,500 employees. I line up meetings with groups of employees every week. They know I care and want to hear their concerns. Whenever I get any input from employees, I assure them that some action will be taken. The action might be that I don't agree with them, and so we may not make any changes, but they always get a response."
  • As our wildland fire employees return to the job, what do you plan to do this season to show your subordinates that you care? Share your ideas here.
  • Do you put more effort into caring for permanently employed subordinates than you do your temporary workforce?

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