Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Those Who've Gone Before Us

As a believer that leaders are born not made, I agree with the authors of "Lasting Leadership: Lessons from the 25 Most Influential Business People of Our Times" when they say, "people who choose and are determined to become influential business leaders can benefit from observing other leaders and using their observations to nurture their own leadership style."

The authors identify eight attibutes of leadership, most of which apply to wildland fire as well:

  • They are able to build a strong corporate culture.
  • They are truth-tellers.
  • They are able to find and cater to under-served markets.
  • They can "see the invisible."
  • They are adept at using price to build competitive advantage. (In our case, adept at being innovative in the face of budget shortfalls.)
  • They excel at managing and building their organization's brand.
  • They are fast learners.
  • They are skilled at managing risk.
The Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program showcases former wildland leaders. At the present time there are 11 interviews students of fire can review in Leaders We Would Like to Meet. Take a moment to get to know these leaders.

Leadership Challenge from Leaders We Would Like to Meet

The intent behind this collection of interviews is to begin recognizing those that have spent their career providing exemplary leadership to firefighters and capturing their lessons for future leaders. If you are interested in interviewing someone for this feature, click here to review the interview guidelines. After reviewing the guidelines, contact a member of the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee for further information.

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