Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Believe It

Check out this recruitment video from Clemson University's College of Health, Education, and Human Development.

Here are a few skills they believe our 21st Century leaders must have to succeed:
  1. Possess skills necessary to work collaboratively with individuals, families, and community groups from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Possess skills necessary to lead effectively and creatively in complex and changing environments and to become agents of change.
  3. Demonstrate flexibility, resilience, and adaptability, caring, ethical decision-making and ethical conduct.
  4. Possess knowledge of organizational behavior and how governance and systems work.
  5. Engage in professional development for continual growth and life-long learning.
  6. Attain a global perspective and level of knowledge and skill necessary to succeed in a complex global economy.
The Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program's (WFLDP's) mission and curriculum aims to build these same leaders. Be a part of your own success and seek leadership development opportunities.

Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge
Make and submit a video to the WFLDP showcasing what you think wildland fire leaders need to succeed.

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