Monday, August 20, 2012

Be True to Your Core Beliefs: Britt Rosso

Brit Rosso, Center Manager for Wildland Fire Lessons Learned, discusses his career experiences and the lessons he has learned in nearly 30 years in the business. Brit talks about learning from mentors, being a mentor, and resources young firefighters can use to further develop their careers.

Video Highlights:
  • What factors contributed to Britt's success:
    • Good advice from previous supervisors and leaders.
    • Having a passion for the work he does.
    • Enjoying the work.
    • Getting to work with good people.
    • Having self-pride and true sense of accomplishment.
  • Advice for new employees:
    • Find a mentor who you respect, trust, and is open to communication.
      • Ask questions at the appropriate time.
      • Watch and learn.
      • "Download" as much information from them as you can.
  • Best career advice Britt received:
    • Choose your battles wisely. You can't solve all the problems out there.
    • Be yourself. Be true to your core beliefs.
  • Why pursue a career in wildland fire?
    • "Wildland fire isn't a job for everyone." Would recommend to those who:
      • Have a true sense of adventure
      • Are in good physical conditions
      • Enjoy the outdoors
      • Like working with others
    • Recommendations for those pursuing a career in wildland fire:
      • Do research: Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program and Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center.
      • Make personal contacts.
  • More than just a job:
    • People you get to work with.
    • Places you get to go.
    • Passion for sharing lessons he has learned with upcoming.
    • Mentoring others.

Thanks to the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center for this contribution.

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