Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Looking Back - Moving Forward: Stu Hoyt

"Fire is not an emergency. Don't let the urgency of the situation drive your actions." ~ Stu Hoyt
The third production in the LLC's "Looking Back -- Moving Forward" video series features Stu Hoyt, Regional Fuels Specialist for the Northern Region, U.S. Forest Service. This video documents Stu's career and highlights his unique insights on leadership and leading through example. Stu also reflects on why fire is not the "Boogie Man."

General Video Highlights:
  • "Fire is not an emergency. Don't let the urgency of the situation drive your actions. There is no fire worth putting yourself at risk--in jeopardy."
  • As fire leaders grow and develop, priorities change: commitment to family (including subordinates), career aspirations, etc.
  • Stu wanted team members who could think and look around them--beyond  the task. He wanted them to be well-versed in  software applications, processes, and procedures. He wanted firefighters who were self-starters and who wanted to make things operate smoother than they had previously.
  • Fire provided Stu a good balance of physical activity and mental  challenge.
  • Use your mind. Don't let the fire push you around. Watch the subtle cues.
Lessons on Leadership:
  • Be grounded on the management side of fire. Get experience on how to keep the program going. (from mentor Lee Clark)
  • Take classes and learn from others.
  • Develop trust and credibility by leading through example.
  • Give your subordinates the trust to do things and allow them to have ownership in the program. Allow them to lead upwards.
  • Steer wayward actions back on course.

Thanks to the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center for this contribution.

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