Monday, October 15, 2012

Common Threads

What do leaders have in common? Dr. Mike Useem (Director Center for Leadership and Change Management at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania) believes there are 15 principles that all great leaders share:

  1. Articulate a vision.
  2. Think and act strategically
  3. Honor the room.
  4. Take charge.
  5. Act decisively.
  6. Communicate persuasively.
  7. Motivate the troops.
  8. Embrace the front lines.
  9. Build leadership in others.
  10. Manage relations.
  11. Identify personal implications.
  12. Convey your character.
  13. Dampen over-optimism.
  14. Build a diverse top team.
  15. Place common interest first.
This video kicks off our series on those principles as provided in him book "The Leader's Checklist." 

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