Monday, October 1, 2012

Resetting the Moral Compass

If you are a student of leadership and follow the experts, there is a lot of chatter regarding ethics and character. In many of the books I read or speeches I hear, there is a sense of urgency to address this leadership concern.

Dr. Rushworth Kidder, Institute of Global Ethics, shared his insights in a Washington Speakers Bureau presentation "Moral Courage: The Guts of a Tough Decision" prior to his death in March 2012. In this talk, he leaves us with a lot to think about regarding our future.

  • A paradigm shift is occurring:
    • Attention to ethics.
    • Capacity for technology to be leverage our ethics in ways we have never seen before.
    • Unethical impulses are not capable of producing global, immediate, and catastrophic effects.
  • Leadership development for the next generation must focus on ethics and character.

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