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Digging Deeper: Priorities - TriData Report

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In October, we ran a series on the Wildland Firefighter Safety Awareness Study (also known as the TriData report) which took a systematic look at firefighters and their culture. If you missed the series, be sure to check it out on the WFLDP blog. What we are as a wildland fire service today is a result of the 86 goals and nearly 200 recommendations contained in the report. In 2013, we'll dig a little deeper into the study and expose those less familiar to the study's value and influence (or lack of) on changing our culture.

What is Corporate Culture?
Let's take a look at corporate culture by watching "It's All About Culture - What is Corporate Culture."

Thoughts to Ponder
  • What is the personality of your organization?
  • What are your culture's norms of behavior?
  • Does your culture feel right?
  • Does your culture bind your time together?
  • Is your culture influenced by your leaders?
  • Do you fit within your culture?
  • Do you know what type of culture you work within?
TriData Report - Phase I Priorities

Over 1,000 federal (and some state) wildland firefighters were surveyed in the study. In addition to "the lack of adequate accountability in the current culture," study participants identified the following high-priority needs: 
  • Improving the experience level, training, and physical fitness of the individual firefighters;
  • Improving the attitude toward safety of the minority of firefightrers who do ot seem to have th necessary passion for safety;
  • Making sure that crew and division supervisors have the temperament, training and experience to supervise during emergencies; and
  • Holding all ranks accountable for unsafe performance or decisions.
In our next installment of Digging Deeper, we will look at the "Problem Areas" revealed by study participants.


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