Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Leaders are Readers Challenge - January 2013

Last summer we presented a bold challenge to students of fire in the form of a Professional Reading Program challenge. Those participating in the challenge read Doris Kearns Goodwin's' "Team of Rivals." This 750-page read chronicled the life and leadership of President Abraham Lincoln. The challenge concluded with a tie-in to the release of Steven Spielberg's movie "Lincoln."

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2013 PRP Challenge #1 - "It Worked For Me"

Our first selection for 2013 is "It Worked for Me - In Life and Leadership" by General Colin Powell. We have featured some of General Powell's thoughts in our "Leaving a Leadership Legacy" series.

A neighborhood called  "It Worked For Me" has been set up within the My Fire Community forum where students of fire can develop and post discussion questions and participate in discussion with one another. Who knows, maybe the author himself would consider becoming a member of the group. We'll pose that question on his Facebook page.

Think of ways that you can tie this book into the 2013 Leading with Courage campaign. Together we can make a difference and lead through a crisis situation.

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