Thursday, May 2, 2013

Managing Your Technology

As today's fire leaders, we are all challenged on how to better incorporate (or simply manage) new technology to help us make better decisions within the ever-elusive time wedge. With handheld radios, smartphones, and tablets, how much is technology helping with information efficiency and how much is it taking our eyes off the fire environment and assessing our situation awareness with those we are leading? Today’s fire leaders need to better filter information sources while maintaining situation awareness for those they lead.

Challenges with technologies are always going to exist. View the "How It Feels [through Glass]" video below and comment on how Google Glass or a similar technology could help fireline leaders or distract them from their situation awareness as a leader?

Thanks to Mike Ellsworth, Assistant BLM Fire Training and Workforce Development Program Manager and NWCG Leadership Committee BLM Representative  for this blog submission.

This blog is not an endorsement of Google Glass.

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