Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vision. Where Are We Going? Are We All on the Same Path?

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Let's talk vision. Were you aware of NWCG's Strategic Plan? As you review some of the highlights below, answer the following questions:
  • Does the NWCG Strategic Plan communicate a clear direction?
  • Do you know your organization's direction?
  • Do you buy-in to the vision?
  • What part will you play?

The NWCG's Vision for the Future

The nation's resources and communities are protected and enhanced through safe, comprehensive, and cohesive interagency wildland fire management.

NWCG's Mission

Provide national leadership and establishment, implement maintain and communicate policy, standards, and guidelines for wildland fire program management.

NWCG's Guiding Principles

  • We believe safety is our core value; therefore, public and firefighter safety is out first priority in all wildland fire management activities
Cost Effectiveness
  • We believe the wise and efficient use of funds is a high priority, therefore, we will consider and evaluate the costs associated with implementing NWCG's objectives.
Interagency Communication, Coordination & Cooperation
  • We believe that interagency communication, coordination and cooperation are vital to the effective and efficient use of the nation's wildland fire management resources, therefore, we will base our actions on the collective needs and capabilities of the interagency community.
  • We believe effective wildland fire management is the result of leadership at all levels, therefore, we will provide and promote leadership throughout all NWCG activities.
Trust & Integrity

  • We believe trust and integrity are inherent to the success of the NWCG, therefore, deliberations will be open and transparent and we will honor, respect, and support the decisions of the NWCG.
  • We believe in mutual respect for the differences in member organizations' responsibilities, missions, and capabilities, therefore, NWCG decisions represent a consensus and are supported by all.
  • We believe in excellence throughout all NWCG activities; therefore, we are deliberative in our decision-making process and are accountable for our actions.
NWCG's Goals

Qualifications, Standards and Guidelines
  • Wildland fire organizations share common qualifications, standards, and guidelines which are developed through collaborative interagency processes.
Workforce Development
  • Agency and cooperator organizations are staffed with qualified employees who meet the needs and goals of wildland fire programs today and in the future.
  • Multi-directional communication regarding wildland fire programs and concepts fosters understanding, acceptance and support of wildland fire organizations.
National Framework for Wildland Fire, Including the Cohesive Strategy
  •  Differences in federal, state, tribal and local policies are recognized at all levels of wildland fire organizations; adaptations in fire management are incorporated locally.
Program Implementation & Delivery
  • Wildland fire agencies and cooperators share common business practices for wildland fire programs.
Incident Management
  • Wildland fire organizations respond to, manage and support incidents safely, seamlessly and efficiently.
Another Reference
Thanks to Jeremy Bennett, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Leadership Committee agency representative, for this blog suggestion.

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