Monday, July 29, 2013

Are You "All-In"?

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Unlike playing poker where insufficient resources to cover the ante and blinds due means you have no choice but to go "all-in" in order to keep playing, leaders have a choice when they go "all-in." When leaders go "all-in," they give of themselves to ensure a positive difference is made in the lives of their subordinates.
Resources are abundant for the leader. When they effectively go "all-in," there is never a bad hand; everyone is a winner.

Check out the Harvard Business Review interview "Get Your Employees Engaged" featuring Doug Conant, former president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, and his story of going "all-in"

Video Highlights:
  • Trust and employee engagement are important.
  • You cannot expect high performance levels unless people are personally engaged.
  • People will not be personally engaged unless they genuinely believe you are personally engaged in trying to make their lives better.
  • Your people are not mind readers.
  • Declare yourself.
  • Deliver on your promises.
  • Connect with people: send personal handwritten notes and walk around.