Thursday, July 18, 2013

Read to Lead

Book with flames
(Photo credit: West Caldwell Public Library)
 We talk a lot about reading. The Professional Reading Program (PRP) is a self-directed continuing education activity that all students of fire can enjoy. Whether your local unit has a leadership library or not, you can take the initiative to expand your knowledge.

In 2014, the Sparks for PRP Change group will roll out a new and improved program. A few of the items have been field tested the last year. The "Sparks" are developing a program that is more manageable and relevant to today's students of fire and leadership and that complements other program elements such as Leadership in Cinema and the leadership curriculum.

Heath Cota, Sawtooth National Forest Fire Management Officer and NWCG Leadership Subcommittee Representative, recommends "What Reading Does for the Mind" (Cunningham and Stanovich) to all leaders. Take a moment to peruse the article about the benefits of reading.

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