Friday, March 7, 2014

Leadership Traits, Core Values, and Expectations Associated with HROs

LTC Mitch Utterback, U.S. Army, 5th Battalion, 19th SFG
(LTC Mitch Utterback, U.S. Army, 5th Battalion, 19th SFG)
Through their actions, ethics, and traditions the Alpine Hotshots exemplify the firefighter leadership core values of safety, duty, respect, integrity, and teamwork. ~ Alpine IHC Vision
Today's "From the Field for the Field Friday" entry is once again courtesy of the Alpine Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC). Thanks for your leadership and willingness to put yourself out there.

A Leadership Workshop with Lieutenant Colonel Mitch Utterback

Alpine IHC facilitated a leadership workshop with commanding officer LTC Utterback. This workshop focused on parallels of leadership traits, core values, and expectations associated of high reliability organizations (HRO).

LTC Utterback spoke to experiences within his profession while extending lessons learned over his career which applied to the risk management process within wildland fire management. Many similarities could be associated between U.S. military operations and wildland fire management attesting to the subject matter and relevancy of discussion points presented in his lecture.

Discussion topics included but were not limited to:

• Leadership - Supporting the Boots on the Ground
• Fitness: Physical/Mental - How One Endures and Overcomes
• Teamwork - Cohesion
• Communication - Chain of Command
• Setting Priorities vs. Responsibilities

What are you doing to IGNITE the Spark for Leadership that can be used as an example of leadership in action?

LTC Mitch Utterback a commanding officer with the U.S. Army, 5th Battalion, 19th SFG

From the Field for the Field

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