Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meaning Behind the Mountain

I have been involved with the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program; however, I was not a part of the team that developed the logo. I will do a little research to find the history behind the logo; in the mean time, I ask our readers, "What is the meaning behind the mountain?"

A following story shared in a post by Chery Gegelman on her Simply Understanding blog was my inspiration for today's blog; the story embodies some of my thoughts behind our logo.

“We are on a journey together.  We are going to a majestic castle.  It is so far away that I can’t describe it in detail, but on a clear day, the towers and flags that are billowing in the distance are evidence that it exists.  As we journey toward the castle together, we are going to experience new lands, slay dragons, and cross rivers.  Sometimes we will be afraid.  Sometimes we will disagree.  Sometimes we will have more fun than we can imagine.  The journey is whatever we make of it, it is ours to own, ours to experience, ours to celebrate.”  Then we reviewed the organization’s vision and core values, the department’s objectives and the desire to create a customer focused, fun environment that would embrace and unleash their individual strengths while building a strong team. The castle became the symbol for our goals. The foundation of the castle became the symbol of our core values. The journey served as a dual reminder that:
  • We were on an adventure together and that we needed to be curious, joyful and courageous.
  • No matter how prepared we were there would be times of challenge, defeat and loss, as well as times of discovery, growth, uncommon camaraderie and victory.
[Thanks for the inspiration, Chery!]

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