Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2013 Lead by Example Winners Announced

Paul Gleason

ANNOUNCING…Your 2013 Lead by Example Award Winners!

The NWCG Leadership Subcommittee congratulate Dr. Carl Seielstad, Jim Shultz, Chad Fisher, and the Palomar Interagency Hotshot Crew as being selected as recipients of the 2013 Paul Gleason Lead by Example Award. The recipients were nominated by their peers for demonstrating valued leadership traits during or in support of wildland fire operations.

The Lead by Example Award is based on three categories: motivation and vision; mentoring and teamwork; and innovation or initiative. Individuals and groups from federal, state, local and tribal agencies are eligible for the award.

The annual award was created to honor Paul Gleason, a wildland firefighter whose career spanned several decades. Gleason is best known for developing the LCES (Lookout, Communication, Escape Routes, Safety Zones) concept that became the foundation of wildland firefighter safety. The awards highlight Gleason’s influence on and contribution to wildland fire management, while honoring those who demonstrate the spirit of leadership for which he was known.

Award Recipients for 2013
  • Jim Shultz, National Park Service - Mentoring and Teamwork
  • Chad Fisher, National Park Service - Motivation and Vision
  • Dr. Carl Seielstad, Local/University of Montana - Initiative and Innovation
  • Palomar Interagency Hotshots, U.S. Forest Service - Initiative and Innovation
In the weeks ahead, we will showcase our winners.

For more information on the award and nomination instructions, visit the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program website

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