Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2013 Paul Gleason Lead by Example Award Winner - Dr. Carl Seielstad

(Charles Palmer presenting Dr. Carl Seielstad the award; photo courtesy of  University of Montana)
Dr. Carl Seielstad
Professor/Researcher and Type III IC
College of Forestry and Conservation
University of Montana
Honored for Initiative and Innovation

Dr. Carl Seielstad has been selected as one of the recipients for the 2013 Paul Gleason Lead by Example award. Three individuals and one group from across the wildland fire service have been chosen to receive this national award.

The award was created by the NWCG Leadership Committee to remember Paul Gleason’s contributions to the wildland fire service. During a career spanning five decades, Paul was a dedicated student of fire, a teacher of fire, and a leader of firefighters. The intent of this award is to recognize individuals or groups who exhibit this same spirit and who exemplify the wildland fire leadership values and principles. Jim’s work in support of the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program has been a demonstration of initiative and innovation.

Dr. Seielstand is commended for visionary leadership. His ongoing operational experience as a qualified ICT3 coupled with your successful academic career as a professor and researcher for the University of Montana has provided a unique opportunity to influence students of fire—both line-going and academic. His initiative and innovation to establish the Wildland Fire Program and Prescribed Fire Practicum in partnership with the Nature Conservancy provides students with hands-on leadership and prescribed fire experiences.

Dr. Seielstad’s vision of allowing students to gain a quality education while giving them experience and practical skills provides them with the background to become highly effective fire managers. His ability to instill wildland fire values and principles into study in a motivated and safe environment beyond the classroom is commendable.

Congratulations, Dr. Seielstad, on your accomplishments. You have provided an example for others to follow.

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