Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Take "5 at 2"

Take 5 @ 2

What is Take 5 @ 2? Where did it come from? What does it mean?

Recently, the folks that build the Wildland Fire Safety Annual Refresher (WFSTAR) modules (Annual Fire Refresher) took a deeper look into statistics of historical burnover fires. Some surprising trends came out of this analysis. One trend was the timeframe of fire blowups and burnovers. Of twenty (20) fatal burnover fires, fifteen (15) of them occured within the timeframe of 1400-1630. This should not surprise experienced firefighters much, as this timeframe is during the hottest, driest part of the day...when fires can blow up quicker and faster. Although not a surprise, 1400 could be an appropriate time to take a tactical pause, remember that this is the beginning of the most dangerous part of the day for fighting fires, and reflect upon those that have lost their lives due to burnovers.

Take 5 @ 2

Be sure to check out the WFSTAR video below. The Instructor Guide and Student Workbook as well as other informative lessons are available on the WFSTAR website.


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