Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Followership is Leadership - 2015 Wildland Fire Leadership Challenge

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The theme for the 2015 challenge is Followership to Leadership. The Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program recognizes "followership" as the first level of leadership. Leaders cannot lead without good followers. Good followers provide a foundation upon which better leaders of people, leaders of leaders, and leaders of organizations is built.


Provide an opportunity for personnel at the local level—whether collectively or through self-development—to focus leadership development activities relating to the national challenge theme: Followership is Leadership.

Purpose:ignite the spark for leadership button
  • To foster a cohesive effort to promote leadership development across disciplines.
  • To provide a template that can be used to encourage leadership development at the local unit level.
  • To provide a mechanism to collect innovative leadership development efforts and share across disciplines.
End State:

Creation of a culture that willingly shares innovative leadership development efforts in order to maintain superior interdisciplinary leadership.

Join the movement today by downloading your copy of the Followership to Leadership: Wildland Fire Leadership Reference Guide.

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