Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Invisible Heroes

Medal of Honor recipient William Crawford
(Photo credit: Home of Heroes)
“It’s not life that’s important, but those you meet along the way that make the difference.” - Unknown
They live and dwell among us. They may be someone we know or someone with whom we have little contact. They are ordinary people leading ordinary lives. Most go undetected; the just do their jobs. These men and women are unknown heroes until someone reveals their story.

In "A Janitor's Ten Lessons in Leadership," Col. James Moshgat shares a moving story of William "Bill" Crawford, a janitor at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Mr. Crawford wasn't just any janitor, he was a World War II Medal of Honor recipient. For many years, Mr. Crawford went unnoticed. However, that all changed when cadet Moshgat came across Crawford's remarkable story. Once Crawford's story was told, his status went to hero in no time. 

Janitor Crawford was a humble man, giving his best effort. The difference from one day to the next was the perception of those around him. 

Moshgat shares the following leadership lessons about his experience:
  • Be cautious of labels.
  • Everyone deserves respect.
  • Courtesy makes a difference.
  • Take time to know your people.
  • Anyone can be a hero.
  • Leaders should be humble.
  • Life won't always hand you what you think you deserve.
  • No job is beneath a leader.
  • Pursue excellence.
  • Life is a leadership laboratory.
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